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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Adiya Imri Orr

Writer/Director. Alumni of Tel Aviv University film school.


Was born in Nahariya, IL (1987).  Lives in Tel-Aviv, talking too fast and can't smile and see at the same time (blaming her far Asian roots).


Wrote and Directed 4 short films who participated in more in more than 190 film festivals, won 56 prizes and sold to 5 different TV networks.


16 min

Israel, 2010


Director: Adiya Imri Orr

Cinematographer: Meidan Arama

Producer: Adi Druker

Winner of Tribeca Film Festival 2012 in addition to 39 other prizes. Was screen at more than 120 international film festivals and other non-competitive frames. Stitches is a short live-action film, starring Shira Katzenlenbogen & Riki Blich-Kraus. Amit and her female life partner Noa decided to take the crucial step and have a baby. Despite their strong self confidence, neither one of them knows for sure what they will do next. The night after Noa gives birth, they both discover that there are

certain things you just cannot hide.


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