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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Kerem Blumberg

Studies in Minshar for Arts school in Tel Aviv.

One Last Night


22 min

Israel 2015

Written & Directed by: Kerem Blumberg

Cast: Agam Schuster, Michal Korman

Production: Ayelet Albenda, Merav Ravin, Alex Parushin

Cinematography: Nadav Ben Zur

Editing: Guy Nemesh, Nadav Ben Zur

Lenger, Ben Sela, Rudi Saada, Michal Rosenblatt

It's the last night of Noa and Orr together in Tel Aviv, before Orr leaves to Berlin. Outside the punk gig, the police arrive. Orr jumps to the help of a friend and both she and Noa get arrested. In the police station Noa will have to make a final decision about their relationship.

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2015.

9:40 min

Israel 2010

A film by Kerem Blumberg

Cast: Natalie Dobkin

Written and Directed by: Kerem Blumberg

Cinematography: Kerem Blumberg

Synopsis: "If I were a boy, what kind of boy would I be?" Natalie performs subversive and raunchy drag shows under the name "Alte-Igor" (a word game on "alter-ego"). In the film she shares questions and dilemmas about her gender identity along side stories from her life and gives us an insight to how she ended up performing the character of Igor: a heartbreaking pop idol depicting the crisis of modern masculinity and performed by a woman

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