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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Liat Daudi

Liat Daudi is a documentary filmmaker and photographer, a certified high school film and media teacher, a waitress at a hummus restaurant, a music editor and radio broadcaster, a screenwriter, an activist for women's rights and marginalized communities in Israel, an environmental and societal researcher, an athlete and a recreational truck driver.  

When I Measure the Distance  

45 min

Cinematographer, Producer and Director: Liat Daudi

Editor: Orit Zigmond

Sound Editor: Gittit Pearlmutter

Music: Shirli Zafri 

Graphic Design: Mirit Decktor, Michal Zabib

The documentary unfolds a story about the special relationships between an eldest sister and her twelve siblings, and also of the charged and extreme dynamics between her and her parents – all members of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. It is a story about mixed feelings and strong ambivalence, as the film-maker is a secular, feminist, queer woman. The circumstances reveal the love that they have for each other, alongside the difficulties and challenges that they all face in light of their very different life styles and beliefs – the love, care, compassion, repulsion, anger and much more are present in the film. The wide range of emotions and stances are unfolded in a humorous and intriguing manner through dialogues and various domestic circumstances. It is a narrative of similarities, differences and courage.

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2016.

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