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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Limor Shmila

Casting diretor, writer and director. 


Israel, 2017, 79 min.

Upon discovering that her beloved grandfather has passed away, Efi returns to her hometown of Akko. During her stay Efi  meets Karen (40) a teacher, wife and mother of two. The two women instantly form a connection and fall in love. This newfound love keeps Efi in town longer than she expected. Through Karen's nine year- old daughter, Maya, Effie will come to terms with what forced her to flee so many years ago.

Cast: Noa Biron, Netta Shpigelman, Avi Malka, Hava Ortman, Keren Tzur

Writer and director: Limor Shmila

Producers: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Moshe Edri, Leon Edri

Cinematographer: Eitan Hatuka

Editor: Dafi Farbman

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