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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Ronnie Zidon

23 years old from Rishon. Writer and director of the webseries Dyke Society and Dyke Problems, and director and editor of the documentary short Crack Open My Head and the short comedy Thinking Out Loud. Interested in queer, feminist and comic content. Film student at Tel Aviv University.

Dyke Problems

Thinking Out Loud

Israel, 2017, 1.5 min.

The first episode in a series of sketches, featuring Meyrav getting a drink with her elderly neighbour and complaining about the woes of the young, Tel-Avivian lesbian. In return, she gets hit with lessons on intersectional feminism.

Meyrav: Shira Bllitz

Neighbor: Arlette Mintzer


Writer and director: Ronnie Zidon

Cinematographer: Emily-Shir Segàl

Assistant director and editor: Avihai Kami Saadi

Sound recordist: Michael Morozov

Original score: Tom Zylbersztein

Make-up: Tal Miller

Production assistant: Noy Markel

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2017.

Israel, 2017, 9.5 min.

On the night of her break-up with her girlfriend, Shai is cursed to read people's minds - except the opposite. Everyone can read her mind. Including her one true ex.

Shai: Shani Kiali

Sharon: Ortal Tzur

Roommate: Tamar Amit Joseph

Rachel: Michal Meir Dviri

Writer, director and editor: Ronnie Zidon

Producer: Tal Polity

Cinematographer: Itai JamshyAssistant director: Matan Weisbrot

Assistant camera and gaffer: Philip Reisenfeld and Ori Ben Ari

Sound recordists: Uri Yerushalmi and Noa Markuse

Special effects: Itai Jamshy

Sound designer: Hilla Shahrbani

Original score: Tom Zylbersztein

Continuity: Illy Levi

Production assistants: Roni Pintchuk and Yonatan Catav


The film was screened on Lethal Lesbian 2017

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