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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Sivan Malca

Actress, writer and director. Graduate of "Haderech" school, and finishing her BA in film studies at Tel Aviv University. Lives in Tel Aviv, acts, writes, directs, dances, flies, drums, sings (only in the shower), embarrasses herself publicly and sleeps tight. 

Her first short film was screened on Israeli Educational Television, her second film traveled in film festivals around the world. She is now working on her grad film. 

Words Unsaid

Israel, 2014, 12.5 min.


At the Bachelorette party in her honor, Danny experienced a surprising and intimate night with her ​​best friend. Danny tries to deny that night, but emotions cannot be deleted. Now their friendship would never be as it was, it's either all or nothing.


Sivan Malca

Keren Shabat

Yehuda Nahari


Directed by Sivan Malca

Screenplay by Shir Itah & Sivan Malca

Director of Photography Shai Kedar

Matan Turkia Kastrel (Mikveh scene)

Produced by Hila Weissman& Liran Rehana

Michal Zecharia (Additional Day)

Edited by Ronna Lyr Barzilai

Screenplay Consulting Orit Nahari

Assistant director Ronna Lyr Barzilai

Assistant Photographer Shai Skiff
Niv Fux

Chief Lighting TechnicianJohnny Karny
Omrie Betzer (Additional Day)

Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
Danny Hanoch

Sound Sergey Vlasov
Ben Cohen (Additional Day)

Art Director Ella Cohen

Script Manager Tamir Naim
Ella Cohen

Actor's guidance Orit Nahari

Production Assistants Michal Zecharia
Reut Ido
Miriam Ludwin


Cast - alphabetically order
Eytan Weinstein 
Ella Cohen 
Chen Lavy 
Reut Ido 
Ilil Israeli 
Gilat Avidan Malka



Extras - alphabetically order
Eliran Malka 
Lior Kalifa 
Ella Carmon 
Omrie Betzer 
Danny Hanoch 
Tal Chaufan 
Niv Bilman 
Tom Ari Sherman 
Danny Zerbib 
Ronna Lyr Barzilai 

Special Thanks
Ruth Dytches
Danny Lerner
Zehava Malka
Lior Kalifa
Yvonne Kalvo


Yvonns' place hairdressing salon
Grga Pitic' Pub
Betzers' family home
Itai  & Tamir for their home


Music by Moran Zadok
Color correction Tomer Rousso
Sound design Tal Bar Levav

screened in Lethal Lesbian 2017

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