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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

Studied at Lee Strasberg Institue, Minshar school of visual arts and Sam Spiegel film school.


Who Are You

23 min

Israel, 2015


Written & Directed by: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

Cast: Yael Eisenberg, Hagar Ben Asher, Miki Leon, Yula Gidron

Production: Hadar Peri and Doron Warzeger

Cinematography: Yaniv Linton

Editing: Tomer Shushan and Tamara Mamon

Anna’s life is a tedious routine of work, home, home and work, with nothing to take her mind of it. Except for one person… her neighbor, Amit, whom she’s head over hills in love with and would do most anything to somehow get close to her.


Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2015.

14:50 min

Israel, 2012


Cast: Hagar Ben-Asher, Hadas Tapouchi, Nadav Hollander, Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

Scriptwriter and Director: Veronica Nicole Tetelbaum

Cinematographer: Lior Aouate

Editor: Amit Tzarfati

After breaking up with her girlfriend, Anna takes a step back and watches her life from a side, her daily routine lies in documenting the street  outside her window, one day a new hope rekindles with a sight of a stranger woman moving in next door.


The film was screened at Lethal Lesbian – The Grey Zone

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