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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Yael Kats

Many may say Yael Kats is a screenwriter and copywriter. Let's face it, they're right.

Oh, My Cootch!

14:31 min

Israel 2010 

A film by: Libby Tishler & Yael Kats

Cast: Ayelet Shultz, Shira Granit, Michal Gavrielov

Directed and written by: Libby Tishler & Yael Kats

Producer: Tzurit Hartzion & Hila Ben-Baruch's Gay Project

Photography:  Yana Mitnick (video), Hila Elkayam (stills)

Editors: Shelly Bleich-Nadri

Music: Hillit Rosental

Narration: Tami Berenstein


Is it satire? Is it mad comedy? Nobody knows.

Shir, A well known TV series director ("She's it", "Munch crunch" etc.),

Enjoyed her pleasant life of love and glamour until she started suspecting that her girlfriend is betraying her with their agent.

From the directors who brought you “This is our first film, we never did anything before!” arrives a new love-triangle comedy, which ends in an unsurprising murder. Blood, sweat and bodily fluids mix together to make the new entertainment show “Oh my cootch!", giving us a special look at Shir Nagar going up, and down (occasionally).


The film was screened at Leathal Lesbian Outbreak

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