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November 30, 2019 |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Atara Frish


A Director & a Producer, Studied her B.A degree in Steve Tisch film and T.V school at TAU. During the studies, she directed two short films: the first film "My beautiful sister" was shown at the Los Angeles La-Femme film festival. Her second film “The Love Letter” was produced as part of "Heroine" project - an Israeli omnibus film. In the last two years, she was The director of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival – the largest film

The Love Letter

Heroine_The Officer 2 - Photograher Mata

Israel, 2017, 19.5 min.


When Noa finds a special love letter in her locker, she struggles to reconcile her safe, restrained world and her urge to feel—at least for a brief moment—loved.



Cast: Gili Beit Halachmi, Ravit Dor, Shir Abramov


Writer & Director: Atara Frish

Producers: Gaudeamus Productions, Efrat Cohen

Cinematographer: Matan Balalty

Editor: Niv Fux

Sound Design: Gadi Raz

Made as part of the project "Heroine", created and artistically directed by Maya Dreifuss and Michal Vinik, Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University.


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