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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Chen Shumowitz

Born 1983, in Israel.

Divides her time between Tel Aviv and Givatayim.

She is currently researching and writing a script for a film which she will later direct.

Works as a freelancer editor and director, and instructs youth in cinema classes.

Beyond the Window

12 min


Israel 2011

A film by: Chen Shumowitz

Cast: Irit Gidron, Veronica Kedar, Narkis Tepler

Written and Directed by: Chen Shumowitz

Producers: Neta Golan, Kineret Hauben

Cinematography: Amiram Zocowitzky, Ron Haimov

Editor: Nofar Volpo

Additional Editors: Eyal Eldar, Omri Peled


Yoni (21) and Shira (23) are seen kissing through the window of the family home by Yoni's mother and suddenly find themselves the object of her attention. Yoni, who is deep in the closet, is torn between her great love and her family, when only a window separates the two.


the film was screened in Lethal Lesbian Identities

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