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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Danielle Shvalboym

Danielle Shvalboym_edited.jpg

Danielle Shvalboym is a film director and screenwriter who works in Israel and Russia. Her latest short movie "One third" was made as a low-budget experimental film with non-actors in collaboration with Israeli photographer Benjamin Shasha.

Currently working on a script for a full-length film about the LGBT community and "Olim Hadashim" that would possibly be filmed in Israel.

One Third

One Third 2.jpg

Israel, 2018, 25 min.


Cast: Svetlana Rudenko, Zarina Dovletova, Inga Velanskaya

Scriptwriter & Director: Danielle Shvalboym

Producers: Benjamin Shasha, Danielle Shvalboym

Cinematographer: Benjamin Shasha 

Editor: Marina Gurevich

Sound recording: Anton Shepshelevich

Sound design: Michael Emet

Music: Ivan Matveev, Lystya Travy band

The story is based on actual events taking place in a seaside city on the Russian-Chinese border, portraying a relationship between a mother, a daughter and her girlfriend.

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2019.

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