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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Danna Grace Windsor

Danna Grace Windsor is an experimental animator and illustrator who grew in Israel and currently lives in the USA.


6:03 min

A film by: Danna Grace Windsor

Adapted from an original story by: Tom Haviv

Music and Sound Design: Ann Streichman

Cello: Susan Davita Mandel

Skin- suit 1.0 music: Guayaba

Acting "Kira": Shannon Ousley

Voice acting "Kira": Rachel O. Sanni

Acting and voice "Illy": Fadoua Hannin

Acting "Chaya": Samantha Adams

Voice acting "Chaya": Dan G. Windsor

Acting "Skin Suit 1.0": Mae Palty

Voice acting "Skin Suit 1.0": Ryan Bess Wynnick

Colorists: Eden Weitz, Michael Spiegelglas

Production writer: Kelly McDonald

Video for Roto: Sharon Cantor

Skin disease man: Robert Page

Chaya and Kira share a bleak commute to their friend Illy’s funeral. As they hurtle across Brooklyn on the A train, Chaya reveals that she is tormented by visions of a parallel New York in which a highly infectious, deadly disease has ravaged the population.

New Yorkers receive government-issued “skin suits” to avoid transmission through touch, and they struggle to adjust to a new life in which physical sensations are harvested and uploaded to the state-sponsored cloud. “SKINSUIT 1.0” generates empathy and orgastic bliss in a time when when all privacy has been lost, and every sensation can be policed. After the train thrusts Chaya and Kira into the streets of Far Rockaway, the nightmares of the parallel world begin to bleed into their present.

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