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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Eden Roman Ascher

עדן רומן אשר_edited.jpg

Eden Roman Ascher, born in 96' and raised in Tel Aviv, Theatre graduate of Muzot High School of Arts. For the past nine years studied acting in various schools and courses. Acted in a few short films and student films. In 2018 she wrote her first script for the short film ‘Fogo’ which was directed by Tamar Rudoy. Eden also played the main role. The premiere took place that year at JFF. In October 2018, she started studying film at Sapir Academic College.

“Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” was made as part of the first-year finals project of the course and it’s her first film as a director,

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


Israel, 2019, 11 min.

Cast: Matanya Bar Shalom, Alona Retro, Yulia Michin, Israel Dadon

Scriptwriter & Director: Eden Roman Ascher

Producer: Neta Benyamini

Cinematographer: Shani Beradt 

Editor: Ori Shmueli

Sound Recording: Neta Polturak

Sound Design & Mix: Yarin Mizrahi

Make-up Artist: Safa Knani

At her small neglected apartment, Miriam’s troubled sleep is interrupted by a phone call. On the other side of the line, her daughter Lior weeps. Miriam, at first aggressive and hesitant, is caving to Lior’s begging and goes to pick her up from southern Tel Aviv. She doesn’t know where the journey after her daughter will take her, nor what will she find at its end. 

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2019.

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