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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Efrat Mishori

Dr. Efrat Mishori is a poet and a Multimedia artist, awarded the Amichai Prise for 2017. Her dissertation deals with Tel-Aviv as a transitional-object of the poet Avoth Yeshurun. Mishori published six volumes of poetry, among which are “As far as Efrat” (1996), “The Physical Mouth” (2002), “Sign & sigh” (2008), “The Poemian Rhapsody” (2013) and “Thinkerbell” (2015). In 1997 Mishori composed “I Am The Model of Poetry” – a one-woman show which included pop music and a spoken word performance. Mishori is the fouder and editor in chief of Small Flame 77 – a series for women’s poetry. In 2016 she established Kinoclan in collaboration with filmmaker Dana Goldberg. In 2017 Mishori and Goldberg made “Death of a Poetess” – an independent feature film, starring Evgenia Dodina and Samira Saraya. Saraya was awarded the best actress award at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2017. “A Married Woman and Lonely Poems”, Efrat Mishori’s seventh poetry book, won the 2017 ACUM Prize, and will be published in the beginning of 2018.

Death of a Poetess

Israel, 2017, 75 min.

Lenny Sadeh: Evgenia Dodina | Yasmin Nasser: Samira Saraya | Investigator: Y. Goldberg | Cashier: Vaan Nguyen | Poetry editor: Prof. Uzi Shavit | Hairdresser: Meron Mizrahi | Pedicurist: Ruth Nachtomi | Shopkeeper: Nira Levy | Taxi driver: Moshe Choresh | Man at the bar: Boaz Hazan | Nimrod Mishori | Aya Bechor | Matan Bruchim


Screenwriters and Directors: Efrat Mishori & Dana Goldberg | Producer: Dana Goldberg | Associate Producer: Claudia Landsberger | Executive Producer: Yael Pinsker | Director of Photography: Asi Oren | Second Camera: Irit Sharvit | Editor: Katia Shepeliavaya | Production Designer: Carmela Sanderson | Costumes: Yaron Arye | Make Up: Nurith Barkan | Sound Mix: Slava Frenklakh | Sound Design: Michael Goorevich | Colorist: Yair Nahshon | Original Music:  Henree & Nikka, Moshe & Sandra Choresh, Efrat Mishori, Kolibris – Talia Keinan, Gai Sherf, Matan Fox | Assistant DOP: Stas Kahn | Production Assistants: Matan Bruchim, Noga Abramovich, Sasha Full Frame | Poster & Graphic Design: Anna Lukashevsky | Titles: Shiri Blumenthal


A delicate, poetic cinematic work, consisting of two parallel axes. Lenny Sadeh is a Tel Aviv based scholar who passes through the last day of her life. Yasmin Nasser, an Arab nurse who lives in Jaffa, is interrogated by the police.  The worlds of these two women meet for a critical moment and bound together inseparably.


Screened at Lethal Lesbian 2017

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