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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Emily Shir Segal

Emily Shir Segal Headshot_edited.jpg

Emily Shir Segal (her/she), born in Israel in 1995. At 12 she moved to Italy with her family and spent there her teenage years. After she returned to Israel she started her first year at Tel Aviv University, studying Film and Television. Today she is a forth a final year film student and working on her final film project. "Tonight" is her first short film.



Israel, 2019, 14 min.


Cast: Tamar Amit Joseph, Mika Tsur, Omer Yefet, Ofek Pesach, Shahar Taboch, Itay Gershman

Scriptwriter & Director: Emily Shir Segal

Producers: Daniel Saloniko, Tamar Alon

Cinematographer: Naomi Meroz

Editor: Yuval Barak

Sound Recording: Erez Levi

Sound Editing: Nin Hazan

Assistant Director: Hadar Masasa

Script Supervisor: Salam Huseri

Costume Design: Yarden Deddi

Art Director: Manuel Pruss

Gaffer: Omri Betzer

Color: Peleg Levi

Tonight, Tom comes over to meet her younger girlfriend’s group of friends for the first time. As the evening unfolds, she discovers a different side of herself, her girlfriend, and their relationship, when confronted with her friends. At the end of the night, she’ll have to make a choice.


Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2019.

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