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November 30, 2019 |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Lihi Dinai

Lihi Dinai ליהי דינאי Wild Animals חיות

Lihi Dinai is a 30 years old girl who had just finished her First Degree in Film at the Sapir College - School of Audio and Visual Arts. She really likes all kinds of art, amongst them she likes to draw, to dance, to take pictures, to film & edit video. She also really likes to travel, to meet new people, to be surrounded by animals and to express it through photographs and videos. She likes to observe the world in her quiet unique way. Before college, Lihi volunteered in a hospital of wild animals for a few months, and traveled in some breathtaking places in the world. Since she was a little girl she always had a camera in her hands and she used to edit some simple short videos. An opportunity came in her way, and she got to be a an executive producer and one of the editors of a short LGBT student film named "To Know Her", which was screened in The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival of 2011 (A final film of Rachel Ben-Zaken, Camera Obscura College). Then she decided to learn cinema and got an MA Filmmaking and Theory in Sapir College (Sderot, Israel). She has finished her final film, after she was really active during the years in the making of other students' final film and projects. Nowadays, a big love of her is to create a mix between her other passions (dancing and other kinds of arts) and film. And exactly because of that you'll probably run into some short films or clips that she has made which includes dancing or musicians or even some kind of animal in the frame. Amongst all of that Lihi still loves to make (or take part in) realistic narrative films and especially really interested in creating Documentary films.

Wild Animals

חיות בר - ליהי דינאי Wild Animals - Lihi

Israel, 2018, 31 min.

Gali, a young girl of divorced parents, finds herself walking in a new path, following her passions. Full of bewilderment and excitements at the same time, she is starting to volunteer in a veterinary hospital for wild animals, which her father's new girlfriend manages. She finds herself looking at her in an unexpected way.



Cast: Sivan Noam Shimon, Yael Rozanes Ben Moshe, Elian Shore, Bila Nae Maman, Nitzan Sitzer


Writer & Director: Lihi Dinai

Producers: Ayala Azurial, Lihi Dinai

Cinematographer: Riki Sheffer Machanian

Editors: Lihi Dinai, Yael Bibelnik

Gaffer: Dan Shporen

Art Director: Yael Bibelnik

Sound: Roy Segal

Mix: Michal Gideon


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