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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Netalie Braun

Netalie Braun  (Born 12th June 1978) is an Israeli poet and film-maker. Brown publishes poems and short stories in literary magazines.

Braun has a B.A. in philosophy and cinema and M.A. in cinema from the Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of the Helicon poetry class. In 2005 she won first prize in the Tel Aviv municipality’s “Song on the Road” (Shira Al Haderech) contest, for her poem “K”. As part of the prize, she received funding for her first book of poems, “Killing and Breathing”, published in 2006 in Achuzat Bayit publishing house, edited by Nurit Zarchi.

Braun creates documentary and feature films. Both her short films, “Navel” (2004) and “Netalie Braun’s Last Supper” (2005) were screened in festivals in Israel and around the world. Her documentary “Metamorphosis” won the Aliza Shagrir prize for best documentary in 2006 and the international media prize of the Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Braun’s latest short film, “Gevald” (2008) was screened as part of the exclusive panorama program of the Berlin international film festival Berlinale in 2009 and in many other international festivals and won the first prize in the TLV festival and the Goethe Institute’s prize for short films dealing with human rights.

The documentary “The Hangman” tells the story of the man who executed Adolph Eichmann (scheduled for television screening on Israeli “Yes” channel), won the first prize of the Haifa international film festival. As of October 2010, Netalie is working on a 7-episode television series called “Seder Nashim”, inspired by the Talmudic women’s Seder. Braun won first prize for writing the series from the Yohanna Ferner Foundation.


16 min

Israel 2008

Director: Netalie Braun

Cast: Gil Naveh, Noga Meltzer, Adili Liberman, Samira Saraya, Elisha Alexander

Queer musical in the holy city, night of Pride Parade.


The film was screened at Lethal Lesbian Reloaded

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