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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Sivan Levy

Born 1987. Actress, musician and creator.

Graduate of music class in "Alon" high school, Ramat Hasharon.

Participated in films and television series, among which are "Mummy", "Burning Mooki", "Room Service" and others.

Co-directed with Eyal Brumberg the film "Cherchez La Femme" which was shown in Berlinale 2009.

Water Wells

14 min

Israel 2010 


A film by Sivan Levy & Iyar Dyoman

Cast: Sivan Levy, Noa Barkai

Directed by: Iyar Dyoman

Producer: Hila Ben-Baruch's Gay Project, Chen Shumowitz

Script: Iyar Dyoman & Sivan Levy

Photography: Assaf Einy

Editor: Omer Toby

Music: Sivan Levy, Rotem Moav


A forbidden love story between a student and a teacher, Inka and Lea, during the 1940’s in Israel.

The two pass the days and nights at Lea’s house, sinking slowly into their own world.

As time goes by, Inka yearns to push all the boundaries while Lea’s fear of being revealed begins to reveal.


The film was screened at Lethal Lesbian Outbreak

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