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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Sivan Noam Shimon

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Sivan is a scriptwriter, director, and actress. Won "Best actress" award in Haifa International Film Festival for her role in the film "Barash". Recently acted in the film "Ma Belle, My Beauty", which won a production grant in Sundance Film Festival, and is set to release in 2020. "Wake Up Call" is her debut film as a director, and was made as part of Sivan's Master's degree in TAU. The film participated in The International Students Film Festival in Tel Aviv and received Honorary Mention from the Film Critics Forum. 

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call Stills 2.jpg

Israel, 2019, 22 min.​

Cast: Lee Malka, Milly Eshet, Eyal Salama, Ben Zeev Ravian, Yakir Shukrun, Ran Mushayov, Offer Grinberg

Scriptwriter and director: Sivan Noam Shimon

Producer: Aviva Reuven

Cinematographer: Offek Hasid

Editor: Shauly Melamed 

Assistant director: Esther (Eti) Genis 

Lighting design: Itamar Leshman

Art director: Olga Benenson

Sound design: Rotem Dror

Color grading: Gal Issar, LUX studio

After effects: Roy Kahalany 

Lior (20) is a logistics officer in a combat unit in the Gaza Strip. She is tough, takes her job very seriously and is devoted to the system. In short, Lior is uptight. One night when she is the attending officer, she sees through her riflescope soldiers breaching protocol. The price Lior pays for the choice she makes at that moment, makes her realize that the system she is so devoted to has different rules for people like her.

Screened in Lethal Lesbian 2019.

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