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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Tali Shalom Ezer


Scriptwriter & director. 

Her short films, "Living Room" and "Surrogate" participated in many international film festivals. 


Her first feature film, "Princess", won 4 prizes in the Jerusalem film festival.


"My Days of Mercy", her second feature film, is an American production, starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara. The film premiered in Toronto International Film Festival. 


Living Room \ 2005

Surrogate \ 2008

Princess \ 2015

My Days of Mercy \ 2017

Photo: Griet Hendrickx

My Days of Mercy

300 dpi Mercy Pic.jpg

USA, 1017, 103 min.


Sisters Lucy and Martha demonstrate regularly in favor of abolishing the death penalty across the Midwest, where state executions take place. At one demonstration, Lucy spots Mercy, who is there to celebrate justice served. Lucy and Mercy could be bitter enemies, yet they share an undeniable connection. Their relationship grows from hostility to intense physical passion, but eventually Lucy must confess her reasons for getting involved in the cause. Can Lucy and Mercy overcome their intense differences?


Cast: Ellen Page, Kate Mara, Amy Seimetz, Elias Koteas

Director: Tali Shalom Ezer

Scriptwriter: Joe Barton

Producers: Ellen Page, Kate Mara, Christine Vachon, David Hinojosa

Cinematographer: Radek Ladczuk

Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin

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