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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Michal Balas, Mor Yogev, Naomi Edan, Kul (Meitar) Kolton

Mor Yogev – Director, editor and screenwriter. "Sam Spiegel" film school graduate, and winner of the International Women Film Festival in Rehovot, 2011.


Michal Balas – Actress and screenwriter. "Nissan Nativ" acting studio graduate, along with many others acting studios with the best directors of Israel.


Meitar (Kul) Kolton – Producer, screenwriter and actress. "Habetzefer" copywriting school graduate.


Naomi Edan – Creator and screenwriter. Tel Aviv University graduate.

This Is How We Do It

Created By: Michal Balas, Mor Yogev, Naomi Edan, Kul (Meitar) Kolton

Director: Mor Yogev

2nd Director: Eddie Tapero

Photographer: Nelli Guy

Cast: Michal Balas, Natalie Dubkin, Mor Yogev, Kul Kolton, Sharon Lenger, Ben Sela, Rudi Saada, Michal Rosenblatt


A new, wild, sexy sketches show, from the point of view of women in general and lesbian specifically. The show follows everyday situations – Femininity, masculinity, feminism and relationships.


An ensemble of five actresses, joined by various guests and characters.

Screened at Lethal Lesbian – The Grey Zone

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