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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Tom-Lee Ziegelman

Tom­-Lee Ziegelman is an Israeli filmmaker based in Tel Aviv and Copenhagen, who speaks Hebrew, English and Arabic fluently. Her main interests are writing and directing, both fiction and documentary. Her work explores questions of home, belonging, nationalism and individualism. She is also interested in the power of format and cinematic tool (subtitles etc) to create more depth in a film.


9 min


Written & Directed by: Rotem Plitman

Cast: Sarah Simone Jorgensen, Tom­Lee Ziegelman

Production: Laura Bie

Cinematography: Viola Hjorth

Editing: Christine Therese Rowlin, Viola Hjorth

1st AD: Emilie Larsen

Sound: Nanna Dam­Hendriksen, Hamish John

Light: Birk Kromann, Emilie Larsen

Color Grading: Emil Reedtz Poulsen

With original soundtrack by FEHER Music


A young female couple spend all their time together at home, their safe haven. The Danish woman is teaching her foreign lover various words and expressions in her native tongue. However, when her foreign partner goes shopping one day she quickly realises that the true translation of these phrases are a far cry from her lover’s explanations.

Supported by Odense Filmværksted 2016

European Film College 2016

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