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November 30, 2019  |  Cinematheque Tel Aviv

Yasmin Max

Yasmin Max is a creator and researcher of film and television.


She is writing her doctoral thesis on lesbians in the Israeli media – film and television.


Writes and lectures on media, cinema and literature.


Taught and lectured in Tel Aviv University's cinema and television school and in Minshar School for Arts.

Public Asylum

9 min


Israel, 2008

Daniel is a religious kid, who takes the last bus to Tel Aviv to meet his favorite radio broadcaster. They spend the night at the historical Electricity Garden an ex-gay cruising place, nowadays whitewashed – which influence their encounter.

At the entry to the garden one can find a small sign, pointing to the local shelter indicating the garden main purpose, serve as a public asylum.

Public Asylum is part of the queer project Fucking Different Tel Aviv 2008

Berlin Film Festival 2009, BFI London LLGFF 2009, TLVFest 2008

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